Lory Perizzolo

Rocky Cross Construction (North) Ltd. today announced that Lory Perizzolo, CIP has joined our company as Chief Operating Officer.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Lory Perizzolo will report to the President and CEO, and will serve as a member of the executive leadership team. At Rocky Cross Construction (North) Ltd., more commonly known as RCC North DKI, Lory will lead the team of Project Managers, administration, marketing, operations personal and is responsible for overseeing key vendor and Insurer relationships.

“For the past three years, as Executive Vice-President of DKI Canada, Lory Perizzolo has supported the entire DKI Canada membership organization nationally, in a very positive manner,” said Welton. “Lory will be vital to the development and success of our company going forward. We have great opportunities to expand our group of companies in southern Alberta and Lory will be an integral part of our growth plans. I am very pleased to announce Lory as Chief Operating Officer and trust you will join me in congratulating him as he leads our Team in the future.”

Lory Perizzolo has over 20 years of insurance claims and restoration industry experience, starting out as a Telephone, then Field Adjuster and advancing to regional and national senior management roles with insurance companies. Lory joined DKI Canada in 2016 and has made significant steps in advancing the Canadian network in better serving the insurance industry and their customers. With Lory’s passion for our industry and great leadership skills, we are looking forward to accelerated growth while continuing to improve our service offerings within RCC North DKI.

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Alan Welton


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