Urgency of Addressing Water Damage Claims

Most suffering a water damage claim seldom perceive just how much water has flowed from the source. But stop for a moment and consider, if the average city line runs at about 3 to 4 gallons per minute that means:

- that in 1 minute that’s almost a 20 Litre bucket (five gallon).

- In 10 minutes it is 110 to 150 Litres (30 to 40 gallons), the size of a barrel that you would get bulk oil in.

- In 1 hour, 700 to 900 Litres (180 to 240 gallons)

- and in 24 hours, you know, when you are away for that weekend get-away, 16,000 to 21,000 Litres (4,300 to 5,700 gallons, about the size of the average two trailer fuel tanker going down the highway.



Things To Consider:

  1. Now contemplate for a moment that all that water has a strong gravitational pull.
  2. It hates to stack and it wants to go down.
  3. Water will spread out first until it finds a barrier and then will begin to stack up or if it can find a hole it only needs a small gap to seep through.
  4. It is essential that a water loss be attended to immediately as it is relentless in moving down and out.
  5. So it is important that those attending the damaged area’s to protect sensitive items. We recommend that you start at the source or point of origin of the water loss and work out from there.
How You Can Help:
  1. When an emergency crew arrives there is no time to chitchat but make sure that safety concerns and issues are of course addressed.
  2. Let the technicians know of any hazards or extinguishing circumstances and then let the crew begin the water extracting and drying process.
  3. For every minute that the water sits there, there is greater potential for it to go into areas that are much more difficult to access and dry without looking at more intrusive methods for drying.
  4. Emergency water damage remediation is one area that restoration contractors must be very competent in as not doing it right the first time can result in some serious consequences.

Call a trained and certified Water Damage Restoration Contractor

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